300+ follower gift part III

2 different shirts and 1 jeans:)

The 300+ Follower t-shirtsI made a few funny printed t-shirts based of the pet’s shirt mesh. But you don’t need pets to work. It work with the base game. All recolorable.

The Simpsons Blouse Funny printed jeans blouse. Photoskinned and not recolorable, sorry.

Skinny Printed Jeans Simple printed jeans. The Simpsons and the Galaxy Print ones aren’t recolorabled. The others are recolorable.

Download 300+ Follower Shirt

Download Simpson Jeans Blouse

Download Skinny Jeans

I hope you like my stuff. I would be so happy if you would post pictures with your sims wearing my clothing stuff. So please tag me [luisassims] if you want to:)

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